Strategy Development

By considering the deeper implications of key strategic questions from a whole systems perspective, we provide client executives with sound, actionable advice and hands-on support that leads to better decisions and superior execution. Our goal is to develop strategy that will be implemented effectively.

We take a systemic approach to develop winning strategies. We look at the products, services, markets, customers, competition, technology, suppliers, alliance partners, economic scenarios, business trends and indicators, in addition to the culture, business models, and core competencies of the organization.

Our use of scenario planning enriches strategic planning and risk management. We help business leaders manage the most critical areas of risk, and to align risk-reward objectives within an enterprise-level risk-management framework.

True North has a comprehensive toolkit to help clients with strategy development challenges. We address a range of strategic topics including: innovation, growth, globalization, competition, strategic partnering, acquisitions, divestitures as well as the planning process.