Assisted an Asian commercial bank establish a new market position to compete on the basis of superior service.

This comprehensive multi-year engagement involved a complete redesign of all interactions with customers.

It resulted in major gains in market share, image, revenue, profit, and market capitalization.

Strategic Repositioning for an Asian Commercial Bank

True North Advisers’ team of management consultants engage in work that covers a wide variety of challenges in a broad range of industries.

Senior Advisers have decades of project experience.

They have served dozens of clients in a wide range of industries, including: financial services, technology, automotive, consumer packaged goods, telecom, professional services and pharmaceuticals.

Their experience spans across a variety of geographic markets.

Post-Merger Integration in the Australian Chemical Industry

Led the post merger integration of Australian specialty chemicals businesses and realized cost savings through the centralization of order processing and customer service, and the consolidation of the sales networks.

Integration of Three Asian Shipping Companies

Led the post-merger integration of three shipping companies, in a politically sensitive project that was directed by the Prime Minister of an Asian nation.

The integration included redesigning the organization, restructuring business units, and implementing new business processes.

This successful integration resulted in the largest Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fleet in the world by joining the national shipping company, the LNG fleet of the national petroleum company, and a bulk and container shipping company.

Finding Overspend on Assets with Low Business Value in the Insurance Industry

An analysis of an international insurance brokerage revealed that the company had planned to spend millions of dollars for enhancements to IT applications that had low business value and whose outage would not even be reported to senior management, even if they went down during the most critical time for the business processes they supported.

A number of options were identified and the business processes were supported using lower cost and more effective applications that saved millions in annual operating costs.

Repositioning and Restructuring Sales and Services for a Leading Telecommunications Company

Implemented the redesign of 28 major customer services, sales and billing centers with 28,000 employees to focus on return on service investment.

The project included redesigning administrative processes, establishing new sales and customer service strategies, retraining the sales and service representatives, re-segmenting the customer base, outsourcing credit and collections and building a culture of continuous improvement.

Improving Retention in an Investment Bank’s IT Leadership Program

Strengthened the leadership development program at the information technology department of a major investment bank.

Led a systemic redesign based on identifying and reinforcing core qualities of future leaders.

Shifted the recruitment processes, implemented innovative on-boarding, performance management and coaching programs.

The retention rate increased from 25% to 75%.