Organizational Services

To reach peak performance, True North enhances an organization’s ultimate asset: its ability to think and act effectively. True North works with leaders to implement powerful approaches for organizational transformation.

We customize programs for improving organizational performance to the culture, the business model, and the strategic ambitions of a particular firm. We help clients transform the workplace and employees mindsets to unleash the passion, intelligence and productivity of the workforce.

We guide an organization to its unique true north. When an organization is aligned with its true north, individuals are inspired to improve the quality of work and can be organized to produce extraordinary results. Collaborating in a work environment with authentic values, employees can improve value adding processes and deliver superior products and services which meet the needs of customers. Work becomes a satisfying path of professional and personal development.

True North helps clients shape their organizations to sustain strategic advantage, whether it involves, for example, the role of the corporate center, how key decisions should be made, or how to organize globally or grow in emerging markets, how to build stronger leaders, how to engage the workforce to drive change, or how to get better results from strategic alliance relationships or suppliers.

We use an organizational alignment model based on best practices from traditional organizational consulting with open systems methodologies that increase collective motivation and intelligence. We customize approaches to realize the potential of an organization and its members.

The evolutionary path and requirements of organizations differ. For example, the true north for evolving the culture and organization of a hedge fund trading oil futures may differ from a team drilling for oil on an offshore drilling rig. Or it may not, depending on the members of the group, their history, competencies, and how the group is organized, managed and compensated.

We provide assistance to transformational leaders to forge organizational networks that undergird high performance year over year. A transformational leader removes forces that demotivate and creates an ambition and supporting processes that inspire and regenerate the workforce. She shares knowledge so that each individual sees how their role contributes to the success of the larger mission. She provides tools to help grasp the essence of work which enables a collaborative effort to find and harness untapped business potential and creative thinking.

Leadership Development and Coaching

We create customized leadership and coaching programs for developing awareness, emotional intelligence and the core qualities, core values, beliefs, mental models, competencies and leadership practices that increase authentic leaderships, organizational vitality and business performance. We reveal blind spots and open avenues to new insight.

True North’s Senior Advisers have the empathy, presence, insight into individual and group dynamics and the business experience to effectively coach executives and teams. We help increase the inner power of executives while enhancing their effectiveness to navigate corporate dynamics. We assist leaders in developing the capacity to create trust, collaboration, commitment and the ability to lead and manage business initiatives that produce superior results.

Strategy Implementation

After adopting a new strategy, getting the organization to operate consistent with the new direction can be a challenge. True North helps construct and strengthen the linkages between strategy and improved business performance. We help develop and align the goals, plans and budgets necessary to implement strategy.

Strategies are rarely effective if employees are not aligned with, inspired by and truly committed to implementing strategy. Therefore we help align individual and organizational goals and foster the mindset, core qualities and commitment to drive performance.

Cultural Change

Success depends fundamentally on your people: their mindset, values, knowledge, skills, teamwork and their will to win.

True North helps build both the individual and collective capabilities that the organization needs to prosper.

Many improvement projects fail to deliver over the long run because they collide with the culture. Culture, if left unchanged, inevitably wins out and the organization slides back quickly into its old habits.

True North Advisers assists with approaches to changing the corporate culture by aligning the right people and positions with the right mind sets, behaviors and incentives. We can assist in implementing a culture of continuous improvement that will enable your organization to consistently achieve higher performance.

We help shift the internal culture and network of relationships, agreements and conversations to improve motivation and collaboration. Our work can be designed to build the commitment of employees to excellence and to instill other core qualities and core practices that sustain a culture of continuous improvement and superior performance.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Cultural Integration

Cultural integration is a vital component of the evaluation of acquisition targets and if adeptly managed during the evaluation and negotiation activities, helps smooth post-merger integration accelerates the realization of business results. Lack of cultural fit is one major reason that deals fail to realize anticipated synergies.

By mapping out the cultural characteristics of both the target company and the acquirer, True North can identify high priority areas for joint collaboration and for potential conflict, and presents options and methods to complete the post-merger integration more successfully. That helps to reconcile conflicting core values, processes, reward systems, leadership styles and cultural differences. We assist in building bridges to smooth the integration of a target into the parent company while keeping everyone focused on delivering tangible business results.