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A New Model of Leadership

Allan Scherr and Harvard Business School’s Michael Jensen co-author A New Model of Leadership that gives organizations and individuals access to new power, performance and accomplishment.

High Performance Management Systems

True North builds on Charles Krone’s frameworks for designing, creating and leading innovative high performance companies using participatory management.

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Managing for Breakthroughs in Productivity

Allan Scherr describes how to set up and manage projects to produce results well beyond what could have been reasonably expected beforehand.

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Bank Recapitalization Plan

True North builds on Charles Krone’s frameworks for designing, creating and leading innovative high performance companies using participatory management.

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Foreclosure Crisis Solutions

Michael Jaliman advised the Obama administration on foreclosure solutions and presented proposals for a federally-funded workout loan program.

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Transformational Customer Partnerships: What are They? How can a Company Create and Sustain Them?

Many companies can turn their critical customer relationships into powerful engines of growth, answer Michael McGaughey, Jonathan Hughes and Larraine Segil.

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Effective Alliance Governance

Nick Palmer evaluates the dimensions of effective alliance governance and outlines four principles that can help to tailor the right alliance governance model.

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Transformational Leadership

Gabriel Sakakeeny describes the different levels of leadership as well as what is needed to produce a cultural shift and unprecedented business results.

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Alliances with Internet Companies

Nick Palmer asks, “how should executives approach forming alliances with online businesses?” Many executives evaluating strategic partnerships make common mistakes. To better assess the odds of a successful alliance with an internet-based business, there are four questions that need to be asked.

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Who Has Innovative Ideas? Employees.

Creating innovation communities is a powerful way for senior managers to discover great ideas that enhance corporate growth and profits.

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Learning Organizations

Continuously enhancing a group’s capabilities to create what they desire to create can have a dramatic impact on an organization’s cohesiveness and will to excel, thereby improving performance.

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A Whole Systems Approach to Cultural Transformation

Richard Barrett explores how to measure, monitor and respond to the behaviors and values that generate high performance and sustain it under all operating conditions.

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The Shape of Leadership to Come

Are the leaders of today’s firms changing to meet the future needs of the marketplace?

In a Business Strategy Review article, London Business School Professor Srikumar Rao describes a richer skill set leaders need in order to successfully strengthen allegiances with customers, employees and suppliers.

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Scenario Planning

Still highly relevant to today’s uncertain and turbulent business enviornment is the concept of scenario planning, a method first applied to business strategy by Pierre Wack and associates at Royal Dutch Shell.

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In a New York Times essay, Arthur Miller argues that the creative processes and histories of Einstein and Mozart share an affinity.

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Insight and Wisdom: New Horizons for Leaders

Robin Charbit and Charles Kiefer reflect on developing and applying new ways to improve organizational thinking, learning, alignment and change.

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Dozens of biases influence business decisions.

To make better strategic decisions, managers must better understand how to alleviate and harness biases.

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Dynamic Management

Companies can’t predict the future, but they can build organizations that will survive and flourish under just about any possible future, says Lowell Bryan.

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Organizational Agility

London Business School Professor Don Sull asserts that three distinct types of agility–strategic, portfolio, and operational–help companies compete. Each of them has its own sources and dangers.

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Be Resilient, Motivated, and Successful

Happiness at Work provides surprising ways of looking at change and problem solving as well as exercises that shift perspectives.

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