Innovation is key to growth but difficult to spark. True North helps client executives create substantial value for customers and organizations by changing aspects of their business system.

True North can help you become an innovation leader, by engaging your organization, customers, suppliers, and partners to unleash their natural ambitions to innovate and improve the business.

Our open systems innovation process actively engages employees and provides them with the tools and processes to spark creative insights, and turn ideas into profitable innovations.

More effective product development, faster time-to-market, shorter time-to volume, higher margins, better responsiveness to market opportunities, and a stronger competitive position can all be gained through core competencies in innovation. This can requires a transformation in mindset and behavior which often includes fostering employee trust, creating alignment on strategic vision, and instilling an entrepreneurial mindset.

For those wishing to make the change, we can help move an organization from a fear based culture to a commitment based organization in which innovation and employee engagement thrive. Our aim is to leave an organization with the processes, thinking, attitudes, behaviors and culture that allow it to anticipate, adapt, execute and innovate more effectively.